Simple Boggle Solver in Haskell

Years ago, I used the idea of solving a boggle board as my way of learning common lisp.  This past week, I have done the same with Haskell.

A Simple Boggle Solver
  • cabal install binary
  • git clone
  • cd ./Haskell-Dictionary-Trie/src
  • ghc --make WordServer.hs
  • ./WordServer (listens on 9900)
  • (on another terminal) telnet localhost 9900
  • type in letters "SERSPATGLINESERSOO" which will be wrapped into the closest approximate square, for example
                S E R S
                P A T G
                L I N E
                S E R S
                O O
  • hit return
  • watch as the words in this board are returned to you

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